Five Steps to Develop Your Faith

Published: 14th December 2009
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Step 1. Make the object of your faith God; and getting to know him. Once you know him then ask him what you can believe he can and will do for you. The Lord is our Shepherd and the shepherd said we shall not want.

Step 2. Be sure that your faith objectivity is not completely selfish; God has to know that your faith is willing to be used and utilized to be a blessing to you and others. If your faith objectivity is strictly selfish and has no larger vision you will not be in the designed pattern of faith and will find yourself disappointed.

Step 3. When your faith formula does not work it's never God's Fault; The Bible says in Ecc 9:11 time and chance happens to us all. The faith formula is one that is kept by God. It's not a secret but it is a mystery. Only God knows when you put the correct ingredients into the mix to get the expected results of faith.

Step 4. Faith is the substance of things hoped for; What are you hoping for. If your hopes are small and your dreams are small and your friends are negative; those elements are not conducive to a good recipe for faith.

In order to develop your recipe; you have to pray and ask God for wisdom and direction; you have to have a vision of something larger than you can do with the resources you already have; then push. PUSH? (Pray until something happens).

Step 5. Thank God for the victory that has not appeared physically. Yes that is what I said. Thank him in faith for the thing that you are hoping for; it's already done you in the faith realm now you just have to praise him in faith until the manifestation is evident to everyone else. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not see.

Mark C. Tolbert

Victorious Life Church

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